Videotape Swim Analysis

Underwater Video Analysis

Video stroke analysis is an excellent way to receive feedback on your swimming technique and identify ways in which to improve your stroke.  During this 90 minute sessions, you will be videotaped both above and below the water, from the side and head on.  The video will then be analyzed looking at the mechanics of the whole stroke as well as focus points.  You’ll receive helpful suggestions on how to improve your technique including recommended drills.  After practicing, you will be filmed again.  You will also have access to the video post session as well examples of drills and swimming techniques to take with you.

90 Minute Session – $160  (included pool rental fees)  (if no pool fees – $140)

Additional follow up session – 1/2 price at $85         


After 1 session, I changed up his body position off of his stomach to rotating his hips, head position, gave him more of a catch up stroke to correct the “pushing down” motion which created all the bubbles.  His kick was corrected as well as his breathing.  Stroke count went from 25+ to around 17, becoming more efficient in the water.