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“Lisa did everything right to get me a qualifying slot for the Ironman World Championship.  She is a coach who not only knows how to coach, she also cares about you and your performance.”

Patty B,

Ironman World Champtionship qualifier and participant

USAT All American 40-44

9 time overall female sprint and olympic distance winner


My teenage daughter said that with the first private lesson with Lisa she understood more about the swimming technics than she got from about a year attending a big fancy pool with a lot of group swimming classes and high schoolers as swimming teachers. Lisa is a professional, and fun.

Uliana D.


Lisa is phenomenal!

I have 4 kids and we’ve been taking swim lessons from Lisa for a little over a year now, and I’m so glad we found her! My two older boys 10 & 8, did group lessons for a few of years through Bellevue Aquatic Center and while it was good, the actual time in the water for them wasn’t that great. Plus, the instruction would vary depending on the instructor, who would often times be a high school or college student. My boys learned how to swim but they were not the most proficient nor did they have the best technique.

Ever since we switched and started weekly semi-private lessons with Lisa, I can see a huge improvement with my older boys. She has taught them proper technique – how to stroke & breathe the right way, shown them where their hand position should be in relation to their body, where their body should be in the water to be the most effective swimmer. She’s taught them the nuances of swimming that most instructors aren’t able to teach. At this point, they would probably be able to compete fairly well in a swim team setting if they chose to pursue that.

My two younger ones, a 5 and 3 year old have learned in a year what probably took my older boys 2 years to learn. With the 5 year old, she’s able to be swim short distances crawl stroke, and is currently working on her stroke/breathing pattern. She’s also being taught a simple breaststroke as well. And the 3 year old is learning more about being comfortable in the water and being able to swim to an edge if he ever fell in. Lisa has helped him be extremely comfortable in an aquatic setting and is helping him learn basic safety, how to turn on his back when needed, how to do a (very) basic crawl or breast stroke to the edge of the pool.

Lisa is an amazing swim teacher. We love her because she is a ‘real’ swim teacher, that’s her job,and she’s very knowledgeable with the sport. She has the background in coaching, she has children so she knows how to deal with kids, and has a great attitude. We especially appreciate her straight-forwardness and her firm teaching, yet she’s flexible with the kids as needed.

With something like swim lessons, you do get what you pay for. And I want my kids to be comfortable in the water, be able to survive if they need to, and I’m confident that my kids will be able to do that, especially with Lisa’s help.

C.H.  Redmond WA


I first hired Lisa Worthington for individual swim lessons through my local gym because I was ready to become a real swimmer.  up until then I  just “managed the swim” to participate in (3) sprint distance triathlons.  I had a funny crawl stroke that really was sort of a side stroke AND I swam with a nose plug!  I had NEVER taken swim lessons.  I was ready to get a bit more serious so I hired Lisa Worthington for individual lessons.  That  first lesson she took away my nose plug!  I  learned that day to breath  and then somehow swimming became easier. These past 2 seasons I have taken her clinics whenever she offered them and since that day, I have completed more than a dozen triathlons!  I  have grown tremendously as a swimmer thanks to Lisa’s expertise and patience as a instructor.  Currently, I am training for Ironman Canada which is amazing as I never imagined I could do that swim. Somehow in the process of perfecting and practicing those skills I have become a swimmer 🙂  Real enough to take on the 2.4 mile swim of Ironman.

Stacy W.


Lisa is great!  Our 4 year old has been in swim lessons for a couple of months now and he is a real swimmer now, he loves going and has a blast swimming now.  I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a great swim instructor for their children.

William J.  Woodinville, WA


Lisa is a naturally gifted coach; both for swimming and the sport of triathlon.  She has a passion for swimming and thoroughly enjoys teaching others to be successful in this area.  Lisa has extensive expertise with stroke analysis, understanding what changes need to be made to improve your stroke.  She focuses on technique and has creative methods in which she breaks the bad habits of a swimmer and teaches correct form.  Her passion parallels her dedication; ensuring that her swimmers reach potential.  For me, my swim continues to improve, as Lisa works to make changes to stroke, ensuring I resist returning to bad habits and focus on good form.  Whether the beginner or the experienced swimmer, I highly recommend her as a coach.

Lisabeth N


I began triathlons coming from a running and cycling background. While I would swim for fun, I had never swam laps before working with Coach Lisa. She has been amazing at breaking down the swim technique and focusing on aspects that I can work to improve. Over the past two years, my swim times have dropped significantly, to the point that I can race competitively in any race. I definitely look forward to working with her in the future and highly recommend anyone who is looking to improve his/her swim stroke to consider a session with Lisa/Elevation Multisport!

Jason K. Seattle WA


I took swim lessons as a kid and could swim ok. But I have never swum open water.  I have tried on my own to swim open water, but never felt completely at ease with it.  I took an open water swim lesson with Lisa Worthington at Cottage Lake.  We worked on a few stroke technique drills first and then incorporated some breathing drills into those.

Lisa swam with me during my whole lesson.  She swims like a fish!  She swam under, next to me, in front of me and behind me to make sure I was doing everything right. She gave instruction that was easy for me to understand while we were in the water.  Before I knew it I had swam almost all the way across Cottage Lake!  I was so excited, as I have never swum that far in open water.  She made it so easy to do!  As we swam back to shore, Lisa kept reminding me to work on my sighting techniques.  She was always giving me one word reminders to keep my stroke/breathing techniques smooth.  It was the best ½ hour lesson I have ever had.  To be able to put someone at such ease, while teaching great skills, is truly a gift.  Lisa Worthington is a wonderful coach!


++++++++++++++++++++Open water swimming scares me. As a member of Teamfastt, I went to a few of the open water swim clinics that Lisa coached.  For the first time, I actually felt comfortable. Lisa is a very clear and concise coach. She is able to watch you in the water, correct your stroke technique with just a few words and then give you that quiet confidence and set you off swimming.  Each time I have swam with Lisa she is very positive, gives great instruction and somehow is always watching everything you do! Not only did my stroke improve after the first 10 minutes into the lesson, but my breathing was a whole lot better, my sighting for triathlon swimming improved and I was not afraid to be out in the middle of the lake swimming!  Each triathlon season gets better in the water.  Thanks to Lisa.

Jenny O.


I have NEVER had a swim lesson in my life.  I swam along the bottom of the pool/lake.  So I just didn’t swim.  My wife talked me into a swim lesson with Lisa Worthington and I wanted to try a triathlon.  We met at the pool and Lisa immediately put me at ease.  I had mentioned my swim ability to her and she told me not to worry.  I got into the water with Lisa standing right next to me and we worked on some drills. I started to feel somewhat more comfortable in the water.  Then she told me to swim to the other end.  It took me a minute to remember the drills and before I knew it, I had actually SWAM to the other side!  It wasn’t along the bottom of the pool either!  Gradually Lisa improved my stroke technique, my ability to breath with my stroke and getting me to relax in the water.  This was the first 15 minutes of my lesson!  Lisa is an amazing coach. It is easy to understand her instruction, she is always so positive and she knows how to build on each step.  I am now able, after two lessons in the pool, to swim across Lake Marcel in Carnation!  I know I need more lessons, but at least I am not crawling on the bottom! Thanks Lisa!