Performance Testing

Performance testing gives you the information that you need to track your progress and train correctly.  All testing completed on a Computrainer



  • Establish FTP and power zones
  • Threshold Heart rate and wattage
  • Heart rate zones, (5 zones)
  • Maximum sprinting wattage
  • Basic bike fit
  • Pedal Stroke Analysis 

Schedule: Approximately 2 hrs for this testing.  Bring you bike, shoes, towel,  water, and fresh legs.

Cost: $120 for initial testing, $65 for subsequent tests.

What is a Computrainer?  A Computrainer is a sophisticatd training device to which you attach your bicycle.  similar in appearance to  a windtrainer, the Computrainer measures important training variables such as wattage, cadence and heart rate.

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